About Us

DeMarco General Plastering has been operating as a premier contractor in the Philadelphia region for over 30 years.

Owner/Operator, Charles Leuzzi is a third generation plastering contractor. His technique is a combination of classic skills taught to him by his father paired with his own modern approach.

DeMarco Plastering is a full service contractor specializing in all types of plaster work including conventional and ornamental. Additionally, they are known for drywall installation and restorative work.

Throughout the years, DeMarco Plastering has worked in both the Residential and Commercial sectors. Some of their most notable work can be seen when visiting Philadelphia landmarks such as The Bellevue, The Latham, The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, The Uptown Theater, and The University of Penn.

DeMarco Plastering provides quality service, working to meet the specific needs of each customer. By being prompt, courteous, and clean they aim to create an experience that is pleasant and worry free with minimal disruption.

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