Top Things to Consider When Hiring a Contractor

After working 30+ years in the Plastering and Construction Industry we consider ourselves EXPERTS! In order to find the appropriate contractor to fit your remodeling needs as well as protecting yourself from hitting bumps along the way here are a few things to ALWAYS consider.

  1. Make sure you receive a contract
  2. Feel comfortable with your contractor
  3. Double check credentials and previous work history

Our Promises to You!

  • We provide a detailed contract for every job regardless of how small. In addition to this no money is collected until work commences.
  • We understand how disruptive remodeling can be and we have a great deal of respect for your home, family, pets, and belongings. Therefore prior to working we provide you with an estimated timetable and ensure a quick and thorough clean up.
  • Through Our Website and Subscriptions to Yelp, Google+, Angies List and Yellow Pages we provide our customers with a history of our company as well as reviews from our satisfied customers.

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