Restorative Work is Worth It!

Old homes and buildings have character unlike anything seen on the market today and if you are up for the challenge of restoring an old property the reward can be great! Older properties can be transformed into a one of a kind space that adds a unique flare to the neighborhood by offering historical value. Restorative work is a quickly growing trend thanks to the “fixer upper” shows we all know and love. However, these projects definitely require assistance from trained professionals who are familiar with old world fixtures and architectural details and who will be able to ensure the safety of the property owners. Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Employ a contractor who has a history of working on restorative projects: You never know what you are going to uncover and you need an educated contractor familiar with handling any situation that may arise. Construction practices have changed greatly over the past 100 years. So employ someone with a strong knowledge of both new and old practices.
  2. Glorify pieces of the past: Save as many of the properties original details as possible. Whether it is an antique cherry wood staircase, ornamental crown molding, or a stone fireplace. These are the unique elements that will give your house charm in addition to increasing the overall worth of your property.
  3. Know your limits: Any expert “Do it yourself-er” knows their limits and when those limits are reached its time to call in a trained professional. Doing so will save you a great deal of time and money in the long run!  

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